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Who are we?

Or more accurately, who am I?
Jessica Haworth

Having spent the best part of a decade in media and advertising I have seen and delivered my fair share of presentations. The one constant across all of them has always been that people often seem to 'fall' into presenting and today's business world has certain expectations of 'performing' in public often without equipping their staff with the necessary tools to do so.

I've also attended A LOT of training courses and sadly one similarity stuck with many of them; they were full of JARGON.  There was too much reference to 'blue sky thinking' and not enough actual advice I could use the moment I stepped out of the training room.  It all felt too vague and theoretical.

My background prior to media was in the theatre, both on stage and off, academically and practically. This is a passion that I have continued alongside my career in various guises and it has been this balance between the corporate and the creative that led me to develop this training.  I love performing but have worked with plenty of people who don't and some of the best presenters I've seen would certainly never call themselves 'performers'.  Being passionate, creative and a 'performer' doesn't need to be the preserve of actors. 


This is not drama school.  This is not off-the-shelf corporate coaching. This isn't the same 'vague' theoretical nonsense you've heard before.


This is about helping people communicate with passion, flair and confidence whilst staying true to themselves, their business and their hunger for success.

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