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Nervous? Heart-racing? Light-headed?

Feel your presence in the workplace is a bit lacklustre?

Dread being put on the spot without time to prepare?

Are you ready to maximise your impact?

Incorporating theatrical skills and techniques into a corporate environment is not about creating actors but about giving people fresh tools for business and for life.  Through an exploration of traditional physical, vocal and mental techniques drawn from both the boardroom and the theatre I aim to help participants address a wide range of both business and personal hurdles.  Every session starts with a detailed conversation to find out exactly what you and/or your team wish to gain from the training.  


The session(s) help clients to become more aware of their physical responses, as well as their psychological ones and how they can use this information to their advantage. Increased self-awareness and confidence enables individuals to perform better under pressure.  This style of training will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to be able to put this strengthened sense of self into practice immediately.  


Challenges are faced head-on with often unexpected results that are both uplifting and transformational for those who commit fully to developing themselves through the process.  The techniques and advice shared can be applied immediately and used on an ongoing basis to continue to improve long after the training has finished.

Whilst each session is bespoke, below is a snapshot of the courses delivered recently:

  • The power of the triune brain; harnessing self-awareness

  • Physical work: body language, postural work, physical presence

  • Vocal work: tone, pitch & projection

  • Maximising your Personal Impact 101

  • Presentation skills 101

  • Presentation creation 

  • Fine tuning the use of language

  • Learning to listen 

  • Improvisation in business

  • Tackling nerves, harnessing adrenaline and facing your fears

Sessions can be delivered in a multitude of ways and each is bespoke.  As an example, types of sessions delivered recently include:

  • 1-2-1 Impact Mentoring Program

  • 1-2-1 Interview coaching & preparation

  • Group Training Program: Maximise Your Personal Impact

  • Group Full Day and Half Day Workshops

  • Pitch Doctor Consultancy

  • Shorter Interactive Talks & Workshops

  • Keynote Address

  • Schools Workshops (pupils and staff)

  • Train-the-trainer 'top tips' for those in education

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